User Privacy

In order to protect user information and consent. Users may choose to opt out of sharing location data and notifications that are not functional.

This relates to upcoming changes but will be applicable by the first quarter of 2021.

The platform currently requires users to provide personal information and contact information to providers. Location can be be omitted by the user so integrations should consider that this information may not be available.

Available User Data


Users are able to control what information is shared with the platform, webhooks, and API. This means that when a user object is returned, it will contain the user's profile as per their preferred privacy settings.

Currently location information may be omitted.


Based on COPPA. The platform only allows users 13 and above to sign up to any platform app without parent consent. If your jurisdiction requires parental consent for users above this age you will need to obtain this through alternative means.

The definition of minors varies depending on where in the world you are based and which laws apply to your users, but minors are generally below 18 (South Africa) or below 13 (USA) years of age.

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