Getting Started

These API & Developer docs are for learning platforms built on the Falkor Learning technology developed by Everyday Digital. As this technology is used across multiple platforms the word Platform refers to your preferred platform using Falkor.


To make use of the API you need to have an account on your preferred platform and need to have been given access to use API feature.

Request Limits

You can make up to 5000 requests per hour per IP address. If you need to make more requests please contact you platform support contact.

Quick API Setup

Step 1: Sign In Sign in to your prefered platform with your account login credentials.

Step 2: Create API Account Navigate to "API Manager" and create a new "API Account". Follow the prompts and modify your settings as needed.

Step 3: Get Credentials Once you have created your account, you can select the cogwheel icon and choose "Download Token" to get your API credentials (you will be required to re-enter your password).

Base API endpoint In your token file the base API endpoint will be available. Use this to make your calls to your preferred platform.

Required Headers

Our API accepts a "Basic Authorization" header which will contain your app_id:token encoded in base64. Some languages do this automatically so you will need to read up on "Basic Authorization" headers for your language of choice.

curl -X GET
 -H 'Authorization: Basic <Your Base64 Encoded Token>'

API calls made with the Public API Key are restricted to web activities and are intended for serverless apps. For other endpoints please use API Tokens instead.

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