Falkor Pathways is the new learning layer that allows for a learning journey to exist across multiple platforms and/or in the physical realm.

Pathways is a path of activities that are fulfilled in order to progress towards a goal (short or long term). Falkor Pathways is agnostic in nature, allowing activities to exist in and outside the platform. This creates a higher layer that focuses on task fulfilment to create a meaningful experience.

Fluid Learning

A multitude of learning experiences can be connected and driven by a single mechanism (Pathway). All learning across environments can remain consistent & connected under one umbrella: physical (class, event, on-location), digital (audio, video, podcast, YouTube, module, assessment, article), off-platform (LMS, website, app, stand-alone modules, games), and on-platform (Falkor app).

Fulfilment & Meaningfulness

Learning activities become actual tasks that are completed by fulfilment. These tasks can be something that is digital, or something that is physical. Such activities are placed along a path that drives progression by completion (fulfilment) towards a goal (meaningfulness). This allows all learning (digital or physical) to be driven by a single, fluid process.

Pathway API Setup

When a pathway is created, a dedicated API account and webhooks are automatically generated for the pathway. To access API & Webhook settings for a pathway, simply open a pathway and navigate to API & Webhooks.

Pathway API & Webhooks


The pathway enrolment endpoint allows listing and managing user enrolments on pathways.

Web Activities & Tracking

The Web Tracking API works directly with the Web Activity on Pathways and allows for light to deep integration. Web activities are experiences that happen off the Falkor app and can be anything from a static website to a full-scale platform.

Classroom & Event Bookings

Classroom & Event activities on Pathways provides an end-to-end booking system that allows users to register their attendance for any available facilitated dates. The Event API allows for integration into bookings that occur on Classroom & Event Activities.


The Reward activity on Falkor Pathways allows users to acquire rewards (vouchers). These can be used to redeem via peer-to-peer confirmation but can also be integrated with via the Reward API.


Pathways also facilitate webhooks on enrolments, bookings and rewards. This allows event-driven integration when a user enrolls on a pathway, gains a reward, or books an attendance.

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