API Manager

The API Manager allows you to set up & manage API accounts, and view logs.


Create API Account Navigate to API Manager and create a new API Account. Follow the prompts and modify your settings as needed.

Select Endpoints Choose which endpoints this API account should have access to. See Available Endpoints below.

Get API Tokens & Base Endpoint Once you have created your account, you can select the cogwheel icon and choose Download Token to get your API credentials (you will be required to re-enter your password).

Base API endpoint In your token file the base API endpoint will be available. Use this to make your calls to your preferred platform.

Public Key API calls made with the Public API Key are restricted to web activities and are intended for serverless apps which consume userTokens. For other endpoints please use API Tokens instead.

Available Endpoints

Domain / IP Whitelisting

During the setup, you can provide domain whitelisting. This allows you to control access to the API account. We recommend using this option to ensure that only the necessary IP addresses/domains have access using the account credentials.


Each API account tracks payloads and responses on endpoints. This allows for debugging integrations and checking historic calls.

The API log will show a tick for a success response and a cross if there was an error. You will be able to see the IP address that the call was made from, the payload, and the response.

To access the API logs, navigate to Falkor API Manager and select View Logs from the account option.

You can read more details about general responses here:

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